Where do Human Beings get the Propensity to Hate

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I am troubled by the fact that as human beings we have developed the propensity to hate each other and I do not understand why.

In our society, there are many different cultures and instead of embracing our differences we spend so much time finding flaws within other groups and then hating each other for their beliefs.  Imagine a society where we all think the same, act the same and have the same ideologies.

We may not like the Muslim because we believe that their beliefs are archaic, they treat women with disrespect and their attitude towards non-Muslim are so far out that the only way that we can effectively co-habit is to hate them.

Whether it is the Bible or the Koran the teachings are about loving one another and to be each other keeper.  We have decided as a people that the only way in which we can co-exist is by hatred and therefore instead of finding a way to live peacefully on our planet we are trying to destroy the human race by our hate.

There have been many young people who have lost their lives due to knife crime.  It has become an epidemic regarding the number of young people who have been murdered by a knife.  Our society seems to embrace this counter-productive behaviour.

If you murder another human being, and you are at the age where the law believes you have not reached the age of majority which according to them is 18 years old the perpetrators will have their identity protect, the question is why should that be.  If you believe you are old enough to kill someone then what possible reason should you give anonymity.

I do not believe that anyone is born with hatred inside them I believe that intolerance of other is something that we are taught to do and it grows like, cancer within our bones until we can no longer differentiate what is right and what is wrong.

Slavery was an appalling thing that black people were subjected to, and I cannot see or even comprehend hating so-called white people for slavery and yet there are those who because of slavery continue to carry that hate of white people around with them.  What have we gained by hating each other?

The Bible tells us that ‘greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friend’.  If that is our reality, then why can we not come together as people and stop our hatred.

For century religious beliefs have played a major role in how we treat each other, now it is those that believe that if you are not of a certain colour, then you do not have a right to exist.  This attitude is so evident where five police officer was killed, and yet there are those who have no sympathy for the families that are left behind because they perceived the police as having killed too many unharmed Black people.

When is this hatred of each other going to cease, we cannot continue down this path, it is a dead-end road that leads to nowhere?

I looked at what happened for years in South Africa and when the change came whereby Nelson Mandela became President of that country he never preaches hate, in fact, he did all that he could to unite the country and if there was anyone who should have harbor hatred it was that man.

It is time that we take a step back and recognise that hatred of each other is not going to get us anywhere and because of that hatred we can only sink lower into the depths of despair and the situation that occurs recently where 50m people was murdered at a so-called gay bar will continue until we recognise that we all have a right to inhabit this planet equally, and no one is above another.