Why a Council in a prominent White area uses a Black man picture in crime post

When the Black community talks about institutional racism, this is the kind of incident that we feel passionate, about. Until these attitudes changed, racism will continue to plague the next generation.

According to a media report, a Council where 98% of the residents are White, decide to use the picture of two Black men in a story about youth justice.

In an area where the White population outweigh the percentage of Black, why would anyone believe using a photograph of Black men to illustrate youth crimes would be acceptable.

In my opinion, this stereotyping is the reason racism is still such a significant problem in our communities. The Black community has never asked for special treatment, what we require is equality and to be treated fairly.

The Council acted, in my opinion, inappropriate and these can be no justification for their racist attitude, and the underline message they are trying to convey, they should apologise to the Black community for their blatant bigotry.