Will Conservative MP’s ‘vote no confidence’ against PM?

The Prime Minister must be on tender hooks, wondering if and when the party will oust her from her post as leader of the party, which she will lose being Prime Minister of the UK.

If Mrs May is reading the local newspaper, she will no doubt see that media sources are suggesting that 40 MP’s are ready to sign a letter of no confidence in her as their leader, if this happens it will trigger a leadership contest and push the conservative party into further disarray.

The Prime Minister has been, plagued with some significant problems. Her party conference speech was a disaster; she called a general election that saw her party lose its overall majority. Two cabinet minister resign in a week after the Tories was, hit by scandal, division over the way in which the Brexit negotiations are going, and the party thinks that she has become a liability.

One sometimes has to feel a bit sympathetic to Theresa May. The conservative party have a long tradition in blaming their leaders when things go wrong, and Mrs May should take solace in the fact they did it to Margaret Thatcher, John Major, and Iain Duncan-Smith.