Mother of four died after benefits were blocked

Unbelievable, disgraceful, callous and inhumane. My views of the government and the heartless and ineffective welfare policies that they have forced on the weak and vulnerable people in our society.

It has been, reported in the media that a 38-year-old sick mother died alone and cold after her benefits were, cut because she was too ill to attend an Employment and Support Allowance meeting.

Apparently, from the news article this mother suffered from an eating disorder and mental health problems. She only put the heating on in the home when her children got home from school, but now she cannot even do that, she is dead.

One has to understand the callousness of the problem. After the second world war a Liberal Politician, William Beveridge suggest the welfare system. One year after the war the Labour government put in place Beveridge vision, using the welfare suggestion to tackle poverty, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness.

Then came Bevan, a Welsh Labour politician and he, was responsible for the inception of the NHS. They understood the needs of the people and made so that those who could not adequately help themselves financial or health-wise, organisation, policies and procedure were put in place to facilitate the nation.

The Conservative, in my opinion, has always tried to destroy these two significant organisations, because they cater to the poor, fragile, children and vulnerable people in our society.

Now archaic conservative changes in the welfare and benefits systems may have caused the death of a 38-year old mother, and by chipping away at these organisations, they hope to destroy them.