Why does the NHS deemed it necessary to use the phrase ‘Black Alert’

I am not a person who sees racism or racist remarks everywhere and, I do not believe that every negative reference to Black is a slur on our community.

However, an article appeared in the media which annoyed me, and I am livid, that the NHS believe it is appropriate to use the phrase ‘, Black alert.’ to demonstrate the crisis they are currently experiencing in the health service.

According to a media report, the NHS states that 100 percent of hospitals beds are in use. Therefore they have extended the cancellation of non-urgent operations.

What has annoyed me is not just the use of the phrase Black alert, but it is the fact that NHS England classifies a ‘black alert’ as a serious incident.

It would appear from my perspective that the term used whether intentionally or unintentionally suggest, in my opinion, that anything associated with Black is not wholesome and that makes me furious.

No one is naive to the fact that the NHS is, stretched to breaking point, and I do sympathise with the crisis they find themselves in. But I believe that they should choose the words they are using to classify the crisis carefully, and I do not think in this case they did.