Why more than half of the UK non-religious

There is a saying that I learned growing up and it states ‘never discuss politics or religion they are too emotive.

Well, according to a media report more than half of the UK is non-religious, the question is why? Whenever you discuss religion in my experience, people say to me how can we have a God that let so much suffering in the world.

God does not let anyone suffers, if you believe in God, then you recognise that although he is the creator, he gave us free will to choose, and personally, I do not think the churches are educating young people regarding the importance between God and the Devil.

However the fact that 53% of people say they are not religious does not mean they do not believe in God, it just means, in my opinion, they have not identified with any particular religious belief, such as Catholic, Presbyterian, Jehovah witness, Anglican, Seventh-day Adventist etc.

I do believe if the survey question was do you believe in God the result would have been very different. One must, however, agree that the younger generation or much more technology attune they do not have much time for religion.