Woman Sent To Jail Refuses to confirm Husband hit her


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Society deplores ‘domestic violence’ by male or females, however, statistics shows that men commit most domestic violence against women.Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a criminal act, and the perpetrators of this will be prosecuted.  However, it is up to the individual that is suffering from domestic violence to report the crime to the police.  Of course, there is recognition that some people that are suffering from domestic violence is too scared to report the crime and can suffer at the hands of their abusers for years, and that is intolerable.

According to an article in the media, a Scottish woman was sent to jail for 14 days because she refuses to tell the Scottish Sheriff that her husband hit her. In my opinion, this could be viewed at as an abuse of power.

That decision is counterproductive and could make women who are suffering from domestic violence and afraid of their partners reluctant to report the crime. I understand that sometimes women believes that if their partner hit them once and apologise he may not do so again. However, whether we feel that he may do so again, the victim have the right to change her mind.  She has now released from jail pending an appeal 

Reading the article in its entirety, I can understand why the Sheriff may have made the decision that she did.  The victim reported the crime the police got involved, and the husband charged; he was subsequently freed from court being found not guilty of assault.  

I am not justifying the Sheriff decision, but I believe that she I think, in my opinion, the victim wasted the court time by being evasive especially the fact that she had written several e-mails trying to get the charges against her husband drop.

Read the full story at http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/alleged-domestic-abuse-victim-sent-8628476