Why the public so surprise at Boris Johnson’s comments

According to a media article, Boris Johnson former foreign secretary is facing an internal Conservative party investigation regarding an article he wrote comparing women wearing ‘burkas’ as letterboxes and bank robbers.

Maybe it is because of my ethnic background why I am not surprised about the garbage that comes out of the mouth of the likes of Boris Johnson. They wrap their racism under the guise of free speech, when in fact they are nothing more than bigots who use a political platform to preach intolerance.

In my opinion, people who have no integrity, dignity or tolerance should stay out of the political arena. We need politicians who can unite this fragile world. They must also have the ability when a specific faction targets or terrorise us we clamp down hard on them, not because of race or bigotry but when they step over the lines of humanity and wants to reign terror on us.

I have no time for racism, sexism, Islamophobia, homophobia or any other phobia that suppress individuals or groups. We must share this environment and learn to live peacefully, and that should start with dignified politicians who called themselves world leaders.