Why Westerners are Skeptical of Islam

My Opinion

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When you live in a democracy there must be tolerance of everyone irrespective of what and who they may be, we are supposed to treat each other religious beliefs, sexual orientation, colour and creed with respect.

Islam or Muslim Religion

There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with our different perspective, and healthy discussion or debates must be welcome, that is the way we learn and grow to accept our different culture.  However, sometimes the inhumane things done under the guise of culture are abominable and leave one with a nasty taste in the mouth.

There is an article in the news that state twenty-two-year-old man rapes a fourteen-year-old girl and to avoid going to jail he marry the girl under Islamic law.  Of course, there would be fury among human rights group, I am furious, and I am not part of any group.  I am a person, and more importantly, I am a mother, and there is no way in this century or the next I would allow my 14-year-old daughter to marry a 22-year-old and the last time I look that is statutory rape.

Malaysia is where the incident, occurs I suppose their legal system are different from those used in Western society.  But how could any normal human being allow that kind of atrocity is beyond me.

The kind of atrocious behaviour portrayed by that individual is one of the reasons that in my opinion, westerner is skeptical of the Islamic faith because they do not seem to have any regard for females and treat them like property, and that infuriate the hell out of me.