Woman banned from prison visit for passing ‘fruit pastille’ to fiancee

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According to a media article, a 26-year old woman has been banned from visiting her fiancee in prison because CCTV caught her passing him fruit pastille.

She thought it was a joke, but prison authority took it seriously. She will not be able to see her children’s father for six months, and when she is allowed back visit, they will be separated by a panel.

Now, come on, fruit pastille, on a serious note, of course, we must prevent prisoners getting their hands on drugs. It is vital that visitors obey the rules of the prison, and most people will see this incident as no ‘big deal’.

However, if the prison service allows any infringement on their protocol for visits, it is open to abuse.  It is sad that the actions of their mother will prevent the father from seeing his daughters for six months.