Woman Who Had Sex With Dinosaur Identify

The police have identified a woman who decided that she was going to have sex with the sculpture of a dinosaur, situated in a children’s playground.

Statue of a dinosaur

The sculpture of the dinosaur had to be, thoroughly cleaned by East Devon City council worker.  According to the media report, graphic images emerged of a woman naked from her waist down sitting on the children dinosaur sculpture performing a sex act.

Local council officials said they were shocked at the appalling act of gross indecency.

In my opinion, this is a new level in, human behaviour.  This place, where children go to enjoy their dinosaur trail adventure, for, an adult to violate one of the dinosaurs by performing a sexual act on one of them is disgusting, unwarranted and disgraceful. 

I hope that now that the police has identified the female the courts will take the appropriate actions.  In my opinion, the woman ought to be sent, to a mental institution, reasonable people do not undertake such vile and ridiculous behaviour, especially in an environment used by young children. – Revolting