81 year old Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to to years in prison

We know him as a legendary actor with so much credit to his name. But, all of that was, destroyed when he was found guilty of sexual assault.

According to a media article, Bill Cosby was accused by dozens of women for sexual misconduct which occurs over many years. He was found guilty of sexual assault in April 2018, for one of the charged crimes.

In my opinion, I cannot understand why these women who claimed Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them waited for so many years to report his criminal behaviour.

At 81 years old he is going to spend 3 to 10 years in prison, most likely died there. If indeed he did commit these heinous crimes then he is where he should be, and I hope that it will make other prominent people think twice before committing these crimes.

However, if he is innocent and the stories were made up against him to destroy his reputation, then his accuser will have to bear that burden that they allow an honest man to be convicted and, sent to prison.

Maybe, most of us that grew up watching Bill Cosby on our television screen are finding it difficult to accept that he could be the sexual predator that these women are making him out to be. If he was a sexual predator, my sympathies go out to all his victims.

Read more here https://metro.co.uk/2018/09/25/bill-cosby-81-sentenced-to-3-to-10-years-in-state-prison-and-deemed-sexually-violent-predator-7978524/