Police officer caught on camera, telling Black man he would shoot him, if he had a gun

According to a media report, a British police officer was removed from frontline duty when he was captured on camera telling a Black man that if he had a gun, the black man would be the first he shoots.

In the UK, we pride ourselves on the fact that our police officers, unlike other countries in the world, do not carry firearms. However, with terrorism and terror activities there is a call to arm frontline officers, but if this incident is anything to go by, arming our beat officer will be a travesty.

This police officer comment demonstrates that there are currently individuals in our police service that would welcome being allowed to carry a firearm so that they can take the lives of mainly Black young people.

Advances in technology have given individuals the ability to record and capture police officers making and undertaking racist activities they can no longer dispute. Social media provides us with a platform to spread the news or video quickly. Police officers can no longer hide behind their veil of secrecy; their disgraceful behaviour is out there for the world to see.

Apparently, the victim was, offered a formal apology, but in my opinion, that is probably not good enough. If the police service wants to demonstrate that they are actively dealing with these types of rogue and racist officers, then sacking him is the only option they have. We do not need this kind of police officers policing our streets.