449 homeless UK citizens died in the last 12 months

It is a disgrace on the UK Conservative hod hoc government and a testament to their anti-social policies which caters for the rich and penalises the poor.

According to a media article, almost 500 homeless people died sleeping rough in the United Kingdom within the last twelve months. The report also suggested that the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, monitoring the deaths warned that the official death toll could be a lot higher.

Apparently, among those human beings that have died sleeping rough were former soldiers, physicist, big issue seller and a travelling musician. The ages of those dying from homelessness range from 18 to 94-year old.

The article outlined how up to 14 people died in one week. Some of the bodies were, so decomposed it took forensic testing to identify the remains. Causes of deaths were, listed as suicide, assaults, drug overdose and starvation. Unbelievable we are supposed to be living in the 21st Century.

In my opinion, how can this government justify spending million on Brexit that the country does not want yet allow so many homeless people to die needlessly? Especially former soldiers who fought for this country to protect our freedom. Their thanks are the inhumane policies that the government establish that kept them poor and homeless. They die on the streets like animals, their contribution to the UK society not recognised.

It angers me so much that this society, especially under the Conservative administration does not do anything to make life fair for the majority of the electorate. Their social security and welfare reforms are designs to keep the vast majority of citizens in worse poverty than have ever been seen over the last 60 years.

The welfare reforms are causing not just hardships for many but people are taking their life daily rather than face the new PIP assessment, and although individuals are telling the government to stop this madness, they are determined to plunge the country into chaos.

Although there are a few years left for the next election, the only thing that is keeping us sane is the hope that we will ensure the Conservative goes into political oblivion for many years and the next government will have the necessary time to tackle poverty, homelessness and social injustices that the Tory inflicted upon us.