79 year old female ‘racist’ jailed for 12 months

According to a media article, a 79-year old female ex-election candidate has been, given a 12-month prison sentence.

She called for new and better death camps and, believes Jews, and other immigrants are ‘termites’, but she praised Adolf Hitler.

In sentencing her to a prison term the Judge remark that she showed no sign of remorse for her vile offences. He told her she would serve six months in prison and six months on a licence.

In my opinion, people like her are, lost souls, their bitterness about themselves and their lack of ability to deal with their demons turned them into racist. They find it easier to hate and blame everyone for their failings.

Racist are nothing but cowards; they have no understanding of humanity and, sees everyone that is different from them, as a threat. Unfortunately, there is no way to treat them there disease is contingent on their idiotic attitudes against others, and I am sorry for them.

There hatred of themselves and blame pointing so they can hate others causes them to miss the richness we experience when we embrace other culture and people. Racist in most cases ends up lonely and bitter, and even at 79, they learn nothing about our planet and its people.

Read more here: https://metro.co.uk/2018/10/05/racist-woman-79-jailed-for-calling-for-new-and-better-death-camps-8009163/