Donald Trump is supporting far-right group – What’s new

I am amazed that anyone who happens to be a civilised human being is surprised by Trump’s support of far-right group ‘Britain First’.

There is no doubt that re-tweeting post from the far-right group was designed to cause outrage and the world would be focusing on his diabolic behaviour ignoring the mess and, the deep division that is currently occurring in the United States.

Europe can condemn Donald Trump, but not the American people, unfortunately, they are lumbered with a racist, bigot and worst President the US has ever had.

The London Mayor should not have been surprised that the US President is promoting a vile extremist group. Every indication shows who and what he his and his comments following the Charlottesville incident is a clear example of the kind of individual that he supports.

Donald Trump’s only claim to what his presidency as achieved so far is dividing the American people and think he can do the same in the UK. We did not vote for him, and therefore we can demonstrate to him that despite what he believes, he does not have the power to sow hatred in the UK or our communities. To show him that we are serious his visit must be cancelled.

The British Prime Minister cannot sugar-coat this incident; there are no excuses. She has to demonstrate verbally and by action that we are disgusted, and genuinely represent the British people by withdrawing Trump’s invitation immediately.

I imagine that by now the world is well aware that the US President is an imbecile, which we have seen so many times. His brains and his mouth do not act together, and there is a medical name for that.