Wife beater sentenced to 14 months in prison


If you cannot speak the Truth hold your tongue

A Croydon ‘Uber’ driver who films himself beating his estranged wife with a shoe was, jailed for 14 months.

According to a media report, the 38-year old man tricked his way into her Croydon home. He beat her with the heel of his shoe and, held a kitchen knife throughout his attack mimicking stabbing her, all the time filming the brutal attack.

In my opinion, I cannot understand why any judicial system would believe that 14 months sentence for this vile, monstrous criminal behaviour is appropriate. Having been convicted for the inhumane act of violence against the person he was married to for 13 years, the mother of his child, he got away with 14 months.

It is a travesty of justice and will certainly not act as any deterrent to others who believe that in the United Kingdom beating one’s wife, husband, girlfriend etc., is acceptable to our communities.

The Recorder at Croydon Crown Court, commented, as reported in the media, the man had engaged in a WhatsApp video call to Pakistan telling them he was going to kill her, pursued her into a communal area dragged her by the hair back into the apartment to continue his assault. Then decided that handing him a 14 months prison sentence was enough punishment. Unbelievable and downright ridiculous, five-year incarceration should have been the minimum.