Councillor call Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary ‘a monkey’

A 72-year old independent Rutland County Councillor has admitted to four counts of criminal charges.

According to a media article, the Alderman called Diane Abbot, Labour Shadow Home Secretary, ‘a monkey’ called for Theresa May to be, publicly hanged for treason. He also states that a Nottinghamshire MP should be, shot, hand and drown the witch. All of the remarks he made was, posted to his Facebook page.

What I find quite distasteful about this sordid affair is the fact that some of the racist and bigotry comments he made were, said before he was elected councillor. To think there are sections of our community that are willing to tolerate this type of behaviour and choose an individual with such apparent vile attitude towards others is rather frightening.

In my opinion, we have a right to be critical of each other. But not in ways that are, seen as racist, homophobic or sexist, especially by people who are supposed to serve the entire community without bias. Criticism should be constructive, not demeaning or cast aspersion on an individual or group’s integrity.

I hope he his given a custodial sentence to make him understand that there are also sections of our communities that will not tolerate his kind of behaviour, irrespective of his age.

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