A gunman murdered 26 First Baptist Churchgoers

Hot on the heels of the Las Vegas shooting that left 59 dead and over 500 wounded, comes the massacre of 26 people attending a church service.

According to a media report, a 26-year-old gunman massacre 26 people when he opened fire inside the First Baptist church with an assault rifle. The dead range from five years old to 72, including the Pastor’s 14-year old daughter and a pregnant woman.

How many times are we going to ask the same question, what will it take for the US to put in place adequate gun controls to prevent this unnecessary death of innocent people.

The President should be concerned with these critical issues that impact on so many people’s lives, instead of spending time tweeting crap.

There as to be something wrong when a society is idly sitting by and allowing hundreds of its citizens to die, needlessly because they are afraid to take on the individuals who believe guns should be in the hands of idiotic people.

In my opinion, the people who are pushing the sales and owning of assault rifles are not the ones whose relatives are, murdered; they are not burying their children, parents, wives, or other family members. They live in their cocoons far removed from gun violence.

It is disgraceful that these individuals are allowed to veto effective gun control measures so that they can make huge profits from the sale of guns, and the tragedy their weapons creates.