Politicians and sexual assault allegations

I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that so many so-called prominent politicians have suddenly found themselves under investigations for a sleuth of allegations ranging from rape, sexual assault and groping. One has to ask the question what is happening in our environment?

Firstly, a prominent Hollywood film producer is under investigation for several assaults he apparently inflicts on some women. Secondly, Tory MP’s or accused of rape, spiked drinks, sexual improprieties, if one is to believe the various media reports.

What annoys me is these individuals believe they are Teflon nothing can stick with them. They are above the law so they can treat others disrespectful and nothing will happen to them.

These sorry excuses for human beings have used their position, power and public persona to abuse another human being in the vilest of manner. When victims report the incidents to the police, they are made to feel, in my opinion, that they did something wrong, and because nothing was, done about these criminals they continue their sexually abusive behaviour.

To, prevent future allegations like these, the authority must task complaints against public figures seriously and do not allow these individuals to continue their menacing acts.