Homelessness in the UK a disgrace and unacceptable

The UK pride itself on being a G7 country and if we are to believe the politicians great Britain is a wealthy and prosperous country. However, we have come to realise that the reality is an entirely different picture.

According to media sources, there has been an increase in the number of people that are homeless in the UK. The report alleges that the homeless figures are more than the number of people residing in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

There are 296,478 residents in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne the number of homeless people 307,000. An increase of 13,000 bringing it to the current figure.

We expect figures like these to be found in underdevelop struggling country, but in the UK this is the reality, and it is ridiculous. The so-called sharing of wealth and resources have eluded over 300,000 people, and I would be interested in what the PM has to say about these unacceptable homeless figures.

This inept government is responsible for the level of homelessness in the country. Their idiotic welfare reforms have pushed more people unto the streets sleeping rough, and it is a disgrace.

While they are in their warm, comfortable beds, they are not giving a single thought to the fact that their policies and reforms are causing real hardship for so many. They will keep imposing their unfair policies on the nation until a general election looms they begin to bribe the electorate.

Its time the citizens of the UK wake up and realise how destructive this conservative ad-hoc government is and the sooner they are out of office, the better off the country will be.