An Eye for An Eye Will Only Cause Chaos

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According to the media three police officers was ambushed and killed in Baton Rouge United States.

An eye for an eye will only cause chaos; we cannot support the killing of anyone irrespective of the circumstances.  Of course, it has been a long Police Officertime that time Black parents have been burying their children who were killed by the police.  

I cannot agree with Gavin Long or Micah Johnson, both of whom have lost their lives in the pursuit of what they believe was the right action to take following the shooting of two black men by the police officer.  What has been gained by these shooting the family of Gavin and Micah plus eight police officers are now in mourning, and none of these actions bring back the individuals killed?

Considering that both these men were a military veteran who fought for their country and should now be living out their days peacefully. Instead, they take upon themselves to take the life of eight police officer because they believe that there is too much injustice in the killing of black people by the police officers.

The media reported that Gavin Long called for blacks to start fighting back and to do so in bloodshed.  But where will this stop, what will now happen is that police officer is not longer going to take any chance when they stop black men, and more people are going to lose their lives.

It is now up to the Federal Government to do something about this situation. We cannot have the lives of neither Blacks or police officer taken across the country.  In my opinion, if the government does not assume the responsibility to find a system where the police officer does not go around killing Black people and Blacks from killing a police officer then they are going to find themselves with serious civil disobedience.