Army doctor charged with raping and strangling 9 month old daughter

My Opinion
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There has to be something fundamentally wrong with an individual behaviour if they believe it is appropriate to rape and strangle a 9-month old baby.

According to a media report, a 22-year old US army doctor was accused and subsequently charged with the rape and murder of one of his 9-month old twin daughter. Apparently, police were called to the home on Tuesday 14 November to assist in administering CPR to the baby, but the child was pronounced dead, shortly after being transfer to hospital.

I am against the death penalty because I do not believe it indeed solves criminal behaviour. However, in this case, I would make an exception. This monster should be, put to death; he should never be allowed to live in our communities, not even in a prison environment.

When an adult perform such a cruel and evil deed on a baby that, not only is your child but cannot defend themselves, we have an obligation, as a society to remove this individual permanently from the face of the earth and if it means by lethal injection, so be it.