Man jailed for killing and cooking dog with Oxo cube

My Opinion

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Cute Yorkshire terrier

According to a media report, a 28-year old Northern Ireland man has been, jailed for two years for killing and cooking his dog with Oxo cube.

Labelled psychopathic, the former mental health nurse admit that he cooked the dog and fed it to his other dogs. He will serve two years in prison and two years under licence, banned for life from keeping animals.

Apparently, he bought the dog from someone who believed he was, a dog lover, instead, he choked the dog to death, shaved, butchered cooked the body and use it as pet food for his other dogs.

In the news article, it states that the Judge commented that the defendant showed no remorse and posed a high risk of reoffending. He also added that it was appropriate to recognise the cruelty inflicted on the dog.

In my opinion, individuals such as this 28-year old, are either suffering, from the mental problem, or he is just utterly evil and inhumane. The leap from killing an animal in this bizarre manner, it is not a huge leap, in my opinion, to killing a human being, although the Judge at the trial said there was no evidence to suggest he would harm anyone else, we all have our own opinion on that subject.