Facebook messages prove man jailed for rape innocent

My Opinion

UK Home Secretary says police cuts are not responsible for rising violence

There is no doubt some aspects of our justice system are flawed, and some police investigation is below the standard they should and, we expect them to be.

A 26-year old man spend two years of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit, and not just any crime he was convicted of rape.

He said, in the media article, ‘it was a terrifying thought that if the police and justice system could fail him, then it could happen to anyone’. Of course, it can, and it does innocent people are languishing in prisons all over the world, including the UK.

It took his sister-in-law to find archive conversation on his Facebook account that supported his version of the events, set the ball in motion for his appeal. She apparently, found the discussion in minutes, which cause the police to ask her how did she see the messages when they couldn’t, really, utter nonsense they did not look hard enough.

The appeal Judge remark that he concluded that in the case of one word against another, the messages on Facebook evidence provided truthfulness.

I am appalled when female use rape to get back at a man that spurn their advances. Genuine cases of sexual assault or proving more difficult to prosecute because of these false allegation cases.

In my opinion, juries will be reluctant to find rape accuser guilty when they read incident such as this where a man was, incarcerated for a rape crime he did not commit.