BMW Salesman Jailed For Five Years

A BMW salesman that helped an accomplice to steal luxury car worth over £200,000 broke down and cried when he was, sentenced to a prison term of five years.

Criminal elements like those individuals, regard crimes such as stealing a luxury car as victimless, believing owners of these vehicles lose nothing because naturally they are covered by insurance.

However, what they fail to understand, and it is the greed within them that cause them not to consider their actions, there is no such thing as a victimless crime.

According to a media report, one of the victims missed the birth of his daughter, because his car was, stolen, that meant he could not get to the hospital on Christmas Eve to witness her birth, and that is a moment that he cannot get back.

Of course, we are a society that cherishes our possession especially our homes, cars, and money, and when anyone violates the things we hold in high esteem, it leaves us feeling vulnerable.

I have no sympathy for individuals who believe they have a right to make another human being life miserable. Having had my car stolen I know only too well how helpless you feel, and you can just pray that reporting it to the police they will find your property soon rather than later.