Prison For Leaving Threatening Message, Suspended Sentence For Abusing A Child

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Is this world gone completely bonkers, in particular, our justice system, I cannot believe, in my opinion, they are serious about crime, some of the decisions they make is so insane that it really defies logic.

Firstly, a media source suggested that a man left an abusive, threatening voicemail message on a female Conservative member of parliament mobile phone, he was charged, tried and convicted by a jury, he was sentenced to 15 months prison term.

Secondly, a 26-year-old man sexually abuse a 12-year-old schoolgirl he was charged, tried and convicted, given a 2-year prison sentence suspended for 18 months,

I understand that leaving an abusive and threatening message on anyone mobile phone, irrespective of who that individual is can be frustrating and is a cause for concern.  If someone is foolish in this technological age when communication can be traced back to the source, to leave a threatening or abusive message then they have to face the consequences of their actions.

However, my concerns are what would cause the justice system to send that individual to prison and the one that commits, a far greater crime, in my opinion, is given a suspended sentence.  Most children and this is an assumption, that has been abused tend to carry that guilt around with them into their adult life. Of the two crimes,  I believe that both should have been sent to prison, but if you were going to suspend any of the sentences. then the perpetrator of the abusive phone call should be the one who got that break.

In my opinion, if this was not a Conservative member of Parliament, I do not believe that he would have been sent to prison and that reinforces my belief that if you cross prominent people you go to prison, but poor people, the punishment is very different.