Bringing back Grammar Schools – Get real

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In 1998 the Labour imposed a ban on Grammar Schools, which meant there would be no building of news ones, this has been in place for schoolover twenty years.  Ready for a surprise.

According to a media report, Theresa May is contemplating reversing the ban on these elitist education environments. Former Prime Minister David Cameron did not support back-bencher on and in fact, he stated that his party was clinging to outdated mantras.

Now here we have a Prime Minister that claims that she wish to build a country for everyone and not the privileged few her idea in doing so is to bring back systems that show a division between children at age 11. She talks about social mobility, but she needs to check the fundamental meaning of the word.

Grammar Schools select children using the 11-plus examination scheme, and that is not what education should be about.  We should have education institution that caters for everyone whether they are straight A students are those below that average. 

If you divide children into selected group telling some they are worthy and others that they are not, we begin a division in a society which we know what division and class system accomplish and since we have moved away from this type of education system why would anyone want to bring them back.

These kinds of thinking among politicians demonstrate in my opinion that people who have been brought up in a privileged environment cannot comprehend what it means to be an underprivileged.  Every opportunity they get to impose their unfair way of life on the majority of the electorate will be done because they do not know any better, they according the phrase ‘born with gold spoon in their mouth.’