Killer wants to apologise to victims parents – Monster

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School children killer Ian Huntley says, according to media reports, that he wants to apologise to the parents of his victims.

What does he think that he could say to the parents of Holly Wells and Jessica Simpson to take away the devastation that he caused to their families fourteen years ago?Monster

The girls would have been twenty-four years now, who know what future they may have had, they could have been married, given grandchildren to their parents, no one knows because the opportunity to grow and develop into adults was snatched away.  

It is very insulting that this monster believes that he can say I want to apologise and explain that he had lost his mental capacity to know right from wrong, and that is why he took their young lives away – bull.  How can you want to say sorry yet according to the media report he walks around in prison wearing replica Manchester United jersey similar to those the girls had on when he murdered them.

To err is human, to forgive his divine, but no matter how much as people we said that we could forgive heinous crimes being honest with ourselves we never do forgive.  Having to live with the knowledge that your love ones was taken from you not because of illness but because of the kind of monsters like Ian Huntley would be very hard to forgive. 

I do not know what makes human beings into killers, or have the ability to destroy the life of another person, all I know that society has an obligation to try and pinpoint these individuals and deal with them before they can wreck lives. 

In my opinion monsters like Ian Huntley is supposed to stay in prison for the rest of their life. He forfeited the right to live among civilised people, and guys like him do not have a shred of humanitarian in them they try to manipulate others and pretend they change, but personally, I do not believe they ever will.