Can Cuddling Your Cat Kill You – Really

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Well, according to a media report, cuddling your feline friend can kill you.  Bearing, in mind the adage that a cat has nine lives to the owners little grey catone.

Apparently, there is a bacterial disease (cat-scratch fever) which is spread by cats, and experts are saying that it is much more widespread than they first believe. The report suggests that the US Centers for Disease control and Prevention determined that cuddling an infected cat carries the risk of the owner developing the bacterial disease.

The disease cat-scratch fever can enter the owner system if an infected cat bites, scratches or if the owner plays with the animal then touch their mouth without washing their hands. 

However, it would it appear that young children between the age of five to nine are more at risk.  However expert or optimistic that the disease, cat-scratch is preventable, if they can identify the population at risk and the pattern of illness then preventative efforts can be effectively targeted where necessary.

They are not, however, suggesting, that cat lover are about to face an epidemic, just a warning so that individuals can continue to care and love their cats, but safely.