Trump Jr Comparing Syrian Refugees To Poison Skittles (Video)


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There is a fundamental problem with the Trump’s family, both father, and son, do not know how to keep their big mouth shut, they are untactful, no sense of what is right or wrong, God forbid the US electorate should choose this family to represent their country.

The vast majority of people fleeing the Syrian conflict or not doing so because they want to invade western society, they are forced to flee with their children and hardly any personal possessions because of a civil war that has turned their country into a nightmare.

I cannot believe, according to a media report Donald Trump Jr compared the Syrian refugees to a bowl of poisoned Skittles. What does he know about anything, he has never gone hungry, naked, or homeless in his diabolical life.  All he knows his privilege life, what gave him the right to cast aspersions on people that are destitute, fleeing carnage, having to watch family members including their children slaughtered.

When you are fortunate to exist in a privileged position it is your responsibility to be a decent human being, have the ability to use your post for the benefit of humanity.  To demonstrate to the world that being privilege does not mean you have to be a sorry excuse for a human.

To say I am furious is putting it lightly.  I am so pleased that the makers of Skittles have commented that Skittles are candy and refugees are people.  Every decent person in the world must be extremely annoyed and disappointed, to know that an individual who, as I have mentioned before come from a privileged background can make such a flippant remark.