Colorado mass shooting four injured and a deputy dead

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Guns and citizens

The last day of 2017 and instead of the state of Colorado celebrating New years eve they have to be dealing yet again with another mass shooting. One wonders when the lesson regarding guns is ever going to be learned.

Media report that one deputy died and four others were, injured in a mass shooting in Colorado. Apparently, the suspect was shot and believed to be dead.

According to the media article, law enforcement officers were, called to an apartment complex for what was, domestic disturbance, during the investigation shots were fired and some deputies were, injured including the deputy that died.

In my opinion, the question must now be, asked, given the number of guns, whether legal or illegal that is currently owned by US citizens, is there any safe state in America?

I cannot understand why after so many mass shootings were hundreds of people including children lost their lives, none of the US politicians has the balls to say we must now do something constructive about guns in our communities.

It surely, cannot be in the best interest of the American people, after experiencing so much mass shootings, to continue along the same old 2nd amendment road.

The United States administration must address the issue of how not to infringe the right of the individual to bear arm, but put stricter legislation in place to ensure that weapons of mass destruction do not get in the hands of an individual that will not commit mass shootings.