The Prime Minister must Listen to Dominic Grieve advice

In the interest of democracy, Theresa May must listen to the advice given to her by Dominic Grieve, former Attorney General, or risk putting the Conservative party into a political asylum.

The warning given by the former Attorney General, according to media reports, states that the Prime Minister faces a rebellion by pro-EU Tories and they are ready to back another referendum, it is sound advice and one that she must adhere to if she wants to restore her reputation and the Conservative party.

I do understand that the British people had voted to leave the EU because of the lies they were, fed. Given that she has made a complete cock-up of the Brexit process and various opinion polls are suggesting that the nation has changed their mind, now that they have better information to base their decision on, she must call another referendum and let the electorate decide.

In my opinion, politicians need to have the ability to listen to the voters, and when they do not, they do so at their peril. Mrs May must recognise that the country is no longer behind her with the current Brexit process and, it would be in the country’s interest and for clarity to call another referendum if she continues with her stubbornness and, refusal to listen she will seal her political coffin.