Racist group Leader and Deputy charged with religious harassment.

In our democracy, there are individuals that or deplorable and sad excuses for human beings. But, because we have a democracy, freedom of speech and right of an individual or group to hold racist, bigoted, fascist views are protected.

However, society does not have to tolerate these bigots, and therefore it is refreshing when media reports are suggesting that the leader and deputy of so-called Britain First were arrested and have been, charged with religiously aggravated harassment.

Quite frankly, I feel nothing but sympathy for these lost souls. They are so misinformed about reality that they allowed themselves to hate and blame everyone for all the ails in this country. Their so-called facts never stand up to scrutiny.

Britain First, do not believe in multiculturalism, campaigns against immigration, Islamic and abortion. These individuals do not have a clue about how this world or even the UK operates. The very people they are campaigning about, their forefathers build the UK.

Britain will remain a multicultural society, tolerance to all religious faiths and an acceptance that in the community there will be good, bad and the idiots. The sooner groups like Britain First realises this, the sooner they will become productive members of the human race.