First Black Female Swimmer to win an Olympic Gold medal

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Rio Olympics and there is a great celebration among African-Americans as Simone Manuel became the first black female swimmer to win a 3d Rio 2016. Brazil summer olympic games medal at the Olympics.

There is a fallacy that black people cannot achieve in some areas such as swimming because we are supposed to have a thick bone structure that will not allow us to be competent swimmers, but that is now a taboo because of what Simone Manuel achieved in Rio.

In winning this gold medal, Simone has not only become the first black female to attain this feat but debunk the argument that we can only excel in certain sports.  When people talk about boxings, athletics, cricket and football or soccer they, see blacks, but if you speak of snooker, darts you would be hard press to find a black representative.  It is not because they are not able to play those sport we are just not interested. 

Of course, there is a particular reason why blacks do not have more representation in the swimming event, and although there are constraints, it must also acknowledge that in my opinion, there are black people who are not interesting in swimming.