Fragile woman jailed for six months for begging 50 pence

It is disgraceful, inhumane and an abuse of the justice system. As part of the human race, I am appalled that these kinds of injustices are occurring within our society.

According to a media article, a vulnerable and fragile woman, who apparently, is unable to write or read as being jailed for six months after she was caught begging for 50 pence.

The 38-year old was, incarcerated even though the Judge states that the accused appeared before him without the assistance of public funds or a solicitor. He also commented on her fragility, but it never prevented him from giving her a custodial sentence.

From the information provided in the article is suggested that the 38-year old had contravened an existing anti-social behaviour civil injunction against her. So, the Judge gave her six months because he wanted to deter her from begging in Worchester.

Ridiculous, in my opinion, we will never change the perception of people having to beg to survive if even the justice system is willing to lock them away.

I am outraged that despite the Judges concern and recognition that the individual was fragile and vulnerable, had no representation in court his only course of action was to send her to prison. It is not what the justice system should be promoting. If we cannot protect the vulnerable in our society, what good are we?