What the hell is wrong with Samantha Markle, why is she acting so silly

For crying out loud, Samantha Markle shut your mouth and let your half-sister enjoy her moment and the upcoming wedding.

According to a media report, Meghan half-sister is once again opening her mouth and talking crap about her. Given what as emerge from the Markle family, Meghan is one of the most decent, kind and someone with a great deal of integrity. If members of her so-called family cannot be happy for her, then she was right not to include them in her wedding.

Several readers have taken to Twitter to voice their disgust; one said ‘what does freedom of speech as to do with being invited to a wedding’. Another say ‘shame on Samantha Markle, go away! No one cares about you’. And final comment which I find so appropriate is the reader who states ‘Samantha Markle may be one of the most horrible people alive’.

In my opinion, unfortunately, we do not pick our family and, Meghan was right to keep the idiotic members of her family out of her wedding, especially considering that she has no contact with some of them for over ten years. Her half-sister behaviour as far as I am concerned makes her persona non grata.

It is unbelievable that so-called relatives can behave so appalling. For pity sake, the woman has three days before the biggest day of her life and to have to contend with a stupid family member who did not care two hoots about her until they realise who she was marrying, must be heartbreaking.

Samantha Markle is in my opinion, a disgrace and poor excuse for a human being, her attitude and behaviour are outrageous. She could never walk in Meghan’s shoes, Meghan showed not just the British public, but the world that her dignity and integrity are genuine and that is why we so love her.

I hope the wedding goes off magnificently on Saturday and they live happily ever after, they are a great and beautiful couple, and we are happy to have her as part of the Royal family.