How many more Teachers and Students must die

Unbelievable, that yet another ten innocent people lost their lives and, ten more suffered injuries following another school shooting.

How many more students and teachers must die before the United States idiotic government do something positive about the control of guns? They need to stop using the 2nd Amendment to justify citizens carrying guns and control how easy it is for anyone to get their hands on weapons that cause so much pain and suffering to families all over the US.

According to a media article, a 17-year old student armed with his father’s shotgun 38 revolver entered the Santa Fe High School where two teachers and eight students were, shot and killed and another ten injured.

It makes me very angry that after these shootings politicians are quick to comment on the attacks being heinous, and once the dust settles they do not do a flaming thing to control the flow of guns, innocent people are paying the price for politician stupidity.

The police have detained the so-called suspect. Various media articles are suggesting that the 17-year old arrested had a disturbing social media account and friends of his were indicating that he was interested in guns and war simulation games. However, nothing in his behaviour would suggest that he would commit such a vile and sickening crime against innocent people.

In my opinion, and if the media reports are correct, he entered the art classroom and shouted ‘surprise’ before commencing his onslaught on unsuspecting teachers and students. It was not an off the cuff action he planned to murder those teachers and students. Even if he his charged as an adult, found guilty and sentenced to die it still does not bring back the family members that he murdered.

If the US administration cannot now come to terms with the fact that they need effective gun control legislation, then something is wrong with a government that is prepared to see hundreds of its citizen slaughter in places that they should be safe. They need to ensure that the people who are acquiring guns for protection are fit to do so.