Is it feasible for ghosts be trapped inside a doll

Well according to a media article a 21-year old man became the owner of a doll wearing Victorian clothing, he believes there are ghosts trapped inside the dolly.

Previous owners have come across unexplained occurrences. There is also a note that comes with the doll outlining all the odd, mysterious activities that are, associated with this doll.

It would appear that the doll was, found in an abandoned car in 1990. There was a note attached to the doll warning that the spirits of two lovers possessed the doll.

In my opinion, the viability of spirits or ghosts is not merely fairy tale. It is understandable that some people do not believe in such occurrences. But when one comes up close and personal to a ghost, your perception of what happens in our surroundings changes forever.

We should never be too sceptical of something or believe it is garbage just because it does not happen to you does not mean it is impossible.

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