The wife killer – Monster could get Early Parole

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The operative word could but it is still panic time that wife killer Mitchell Guy could be released early from the life sentence he given for murdering his wife while his children slept nearby.Monster

According to media report the idea that he could be paroled early a Facebook page was established to protest against any early release for such individual back into the community.

Here, I have a problem with the legal system; a person commits a heinous crime such as murder you cannot get a worse crime than the taking of another human life and not only kill the person but dismember their body.  His peers convicted him he got a life sentence, for me, that should be it; he should be spending the rest of his natural life in prison.

Now, do not get me wrong there are some crimes that individuals go to jail for that I would agree with granting them parole, for me killing someone unless it is in self-defense of your life is not one of them.

Why should they have the opportunity to be free when their victim can never be afforded the same – ridiculous.’

I cannot understand what is wrong with society, we seem to be more concern with the rights of the perpetrators and ignoring those of the victims. I believe it is the time that we take the side of the victims.

The last thing we need right now is panic, we have to keep an eye on the situation to ensure the authority realise how anti we are against any decision to let a killer out on early parole.