Infuriated with the Labour Party

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I am so annoyed at some members of Labour and the way in which they are destroying the party with their ridiculous leadership challenges.

What the hell is wrong with certain politicians they seem to be so power hungry that they do not care about anything but themselves and if it means they have to destroy an organisation to accomplish their selfish goals, then they will do so.

Just over a year ago Jeremy Corbyn was appointed the leader of the party and may I had in a landslide victory.  Irrespective of what other members’ beliefs were, the even suggestion that the Party would be unelectable with him as a leader he was overwhelming appointed.

In a democratic society, the ruling Government should have a very strong opposition to ensure there are checks and balances within the political arena and that sections of our community have a representative voice in Parliament.

However, what I am noting in British politics is either individual casting aside their responsibilities, or they are fighting each other to gain power.  This leadership challenge in respect of the Labour party is distracting and pointless.  It is a time when the Labour party should be united to fight for the rights of the people who did not want to leave the EU.

I understand and respect David Cameron’s decision to stand down as Prime Minister and leader of his party following the Brexit results.  In my opinion, I think he recognises that his position would become untenable and therefore taking the decision to resign shows strength rather than weakness.

What is the Labour excuse for tearing the party to pieces, how can anyone believe in what they are saying?  There is no way in which section of the Labour Party actions can be construed as being productive.  This is the time when the Party should be united because the coming months are going to be devastating for the electorate.

The Brexit results have left this country in upheaval and regardless of what we are told it is going to be terrible for the UK.  This is the time when a strong opposition party is necessary to fight for our right. Instead, they are pulling themselves apart over stupidity.

In my opinion, if there are members of the Labour party that do not like the leadership then leave, but do not stay in the party and split it for your warp ideas, either unite behind the leader or go.