Two three year old shot at nursery by a toddler

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One of the most unnerving and appalling thing that I have read. Unbelievable, that a toddler can get hold of a gun and shot and injured two children, one of which will lose his eye.

According to a media report, an unregistered daycare centre in Dearborn, Michigan, United States was the scene of a shooting involving a three old; two children are in hospital in serious but stable condition.

There is no way in hell you are supposed to be running a daycare facility in your home and have a loaded gun where a child can lay their hands on a firearm.

In my opinion, this is neglect at its worse, and there are no excuses in the world that can justify having loaded weapons in a home when you take on the responsibility to care for other people’s children.

When she states that she loves the children like her own, it is not about enjoying the children it is about protecting these children, and she failed miserably.

This incident is the second shooting by a child in the US, in a couple of hours. It has also been stated 43, shootings, by toddlers in America so far this year.

What kind of society we have when because of this so-called 2nd amendment right to bear arms, we are turning toddlers into murders. There is no way in a civilised society a three-year-old child should have an opportunity to take possession of a loaded gun, much more fire one.

The United States needs to wake up and do something progressively and efficiently about gun legislation. There is no way the forefather that suggest the right to bear arms wanted it to be in the hands of toddlers, ridiculous and insane society.