Usain Bolt Illuminati Member – Poppycock

Jamaica flag, three dimensional render, satin texture

According to a media report Usain Bolt is a member of the Illuminati, a conspiracy theorist alleges, and that is a load of poppycock, utter nonsense.

Firstly, Usain Bolt is Jamaican, in my opinion, from a Christian family with strong parental guidance, especially the mother so there is no way that he would contemplate being a member of this group.  No one can be one hundred percent sure that an individual does not have an association with an organisation or group, but common sense dictates the likelihood or possibility.

If the conspiracy evidence is only Bolt’s hand gestures, then he his way off base, so it is rubbish.

Jamaicans know that following the incident with Bolt in Brazil that there are going to be individuals crawling out of the woodwork to destroy his image and achievements.

Although many of us are angry by his Brazilian antics, we will, however, not support any theory that suggests Illuminati connection crap, so inferring that Usain Bolt is Satan is ridiculous.

One of the drawbacks of the democracy and freedom of speech is that anyone can make allegations against another in the knowledge that freedom of speech dictates they can do so.