Protest following Donald Trump everywhere he goes in the UK

Following the massive protest in London against Donald Trump’s visit to the UK, he must have thought surely, the rally is now over.

But, according to media reports, it is not over at all, the Trump baby blimp that flew over Westminster during the London protest is now on its way to Scotland to be, used in yet another protest. There is no getting away from the British people Mr Trump.

Apart from the fact that you are not welcome here, you have insulted our Queen, and we take exception to your behaviour towards the monarchy. It would appear that everyone, except the US President, knows the protocol when heads of states meet her Majesty. But, you showed your bad manners walking in front of the Queen.

Donald Trump behaviour toward the Queen demonstrate is bad manners, lack of integrity and showed he has no class as a world leader is supposed to show. He should have learned principles, dignity and integrity and he would have represented the American people in a productive way when he his in any other country.

I hope the when Trump returns to the US; he will take the time to reflect on his actions during the UK visit, and hopefully change his idiotic ways. However, a leopard does not change their spots, and therefore, one can hope, but the US President will behave in his old fashion manner as that is the only way he knows.