Sanctions are a act of war, says Korean Leader

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un is either not living in the real world, or he sincerely believes the rhetoric that comes out of his mouth. If that is the case, we are facing a man with little regard for human lives.

I cannot understand how he can equate the UN security council’s sanctions as an act of war, when even the countries such as Russia and China who are more inclined to side with North Korea, voted for the imposed sanctions.

It would be hypocritical of any of the 15 member states in the UN to say that a sovereign country has no right to protect itself from foreign or domestic violence against its citizen. But the manner in which you do so is what is being called into question when it comes to North Korea and their need to have nuclear weapons.

The best interest of the world is, not served if North Korea has the capabilities of stockpiling hundreds of weapons of mass destruction. Especially them saying the US is terrified of their nuclear force, it is not just the US it is the whole world.

We know that the United States of America can level North Korea and turn it into a wasteland. As idiotic as the President of the US is he his well aware that no one can win a nuclear war, and that is why it is essential that the UN sanctions against North Korea work.

North Korea’s leader is boasting that his people are victorious in accomplishing the state nuclear force. He should bear in mind that when these sanctions start to severely affect the economic stability of the country the people cannot eat atomic bombs. He his the one who is perpetrating an ‘act of war’ against his people.