United Nations imposed tough sanctions against North Korea

According to a media report, the UN Security Council has voted to impose severe sanctions against North Korea, in response to them launching a ballistic missile.

The sanctions reduce the country’s petrol import by 90 percent, forces all North Koreans working abroad to return home within 12 months and crack down and ships going in and out of the country.

Apparently, these latest sanctions will have a devastating effect on the country struggling economy and could cause severe problems for its citizens. However, the UN sanctions are less harsher than the US would have liked, but it is a step in the right direction.

The fact that the resolution was passed 15 to 0 is a demonstration of how dangerous the situation in North Korea is regarding an all-out war between the regime and the United States.

Any leader of a country that would rather see its citizens suffer watch their economy fall apart, foreign investment depleted, to demonstrate to another state that they are capable of flexing their muscles is a fool.

In my opinion, that is what you get from dictators there only concern is themselves. No doubt when the citizens of North Korea faced with poverty and destitution their leader will still be feeding his family and himself, irrespective of what sanctions the UN imposed it is the ordinary people who will bear the brunt of the situation.

Although I have every sympathy for the North Koreans, I have to agree with the United Nations Security Council sanctions; they should ensure that North Korea toe the line otherwise we could have chaos.