‘Women not welcome’ Hull bed and breakfast sign read

We are in the 21st Century, but it would appear that a 53-year old man from Hull that runs a bed and breakfast facility, does not seem to know.

According to a media report, this man, who happens to be, married with two children, says he doesn’t like females, he does not speak to or look at them. He believes his behaviour stem from his old-fashioned way of thinking.

In my opinion, he is nothing more than a Neanderthal who cannot accept that women efficiently contribute to society. If his behaviour is so outlandish, what is his wife undergoing, and should not the authority check to see if she is under duress?

He stated that he hated the Pankhurst women, suffragettes, women should not have been, given the right to vote, and the Prime Minister should be at home behind the kitchen.

I get the distinct feeling that somewhere in his unfortunate life a woman must have done something terrible to him that makes him hate them in this manner. Looking at his picture in the paper it does not take too much leap of faith to recognise that he his not God’s gift to women and that may be why he his so bitter toward the female of the species.