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These Children are Labelled Benefit Babies

There is a  presumption that if and when you have children you should be in a position to support them financially, and emotionally.  You should not have more than you can effectively manage. Today I am livid […]


Savage Attack on German Passenger Train

Each time article like this reported in the news it not only shock the community, but it makes individuals that are against immigration firmer in their resolve. The media report that a 17-year-old Afghanistan refugee […]

My Opinion

Is the United Kingdom A Divided Nation?

If anyone believes that the UK is not divided, then they are living in cloud cuckoo land, and the aftermath of this division is raising its ugly head on our streets. Since Brexit, the number of […]


E. Coli outbreak linked to mixed salad leaves

According to the media report, two people have died following an outbreak of E. coli linked to mixed salad leaves. There are further reports in the news that suggest that the Public health in England was investigating after […]