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Oh No – Not Another Stabbing

According to Media reports, another teenager 17-year-old was stabbed in Peckham, South London near the bus station. Oh no, not again.  What is happening to the young people in society, why do they believe that […]

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What –  A British woman marries dog

What is happening in this world, there must be something in the atmosphere that is making some people crazy. How can we reach a state whereby it is acceptable to marry a dog. I understand […]

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Ranting -Methods of Reporting news

I understand that in a democracy, individuals are free to say and do things they would not be able to under an oppressive regime. Today I am ranting about the methods used to report the […]

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Ridiculous – Fat People Less Brain Power

What is wrong with, in my opinion, with these modern day people calling themselves a scientist. According to the news report, some scientists in the US believe that fat people are not as intelligent as […]

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Infuriated with the Labour Party

I am so annoyed at some members of Labour and the way in which they are destroying the party with their ridiculous leadership challenges. What the hell is wrong with certain politicians they seem to […]

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Scams & Scammers–Together we can beat them

My opinions ranting for today is about scams and scammers. I get infuriated with these individuals that spend their time scheming and plotting ways of fleecing unsuspecting individual out of their money. For example, these […]