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EU Nations let down lone child migrants

A  report published in the media suggest that thousand of lone child refugees are living in squalid conditions having been let down by the European Union, including the UK. It alleges that member states in the EU are […]

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Germany – Are they feeling vulnerable?

Germany, in my opinion, is in mourning following four terrible incidents that occur over the last few days, leaving eleven people dead and score injury. Bavaria – 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker attack twenty people on a […]

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Why Immigrants and refugees are resented

Following media report that a Syrian refugee kills a pregnant woman and injury two others, one can see why so many people in various countries are resentful of refugee and immigrants. If one commits a […]

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Why Should Disabled People Feel Ashamed

Disability is not something that anyone would knowingly inflict upon themselves. Therefore I cannot see why a physically challenged person should feel ashamed. If society cannot accept that, there are physically challenged people in our […]


Knife Crime Law not Tough Enough

I believe that the law governing knife crime is too soft and because of that the individuals that are carrying and using knives are not concerned are afraid of the punishment if convicted. Again the […]

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Why do US Police Quick to Kill Blacks

I believe that the killing of Blacks by US police is leftover from the remnants of slavery, and the perception of blacks during this disgraceful period in history. There is a slavery mentality that regards […]